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[公告] New Technologies Impacting the Smart Factory The electronics influencing changes in manufacturing, f  2019-04-25

Not all factories are ready to go the way of lights-out manufacturing, where autonomous robots occupy a factory and don’t require lights at all; where it is just rows of machines functioning in the dark.

But that doesn’t mean technology isn’t changing and influencing the way a modern factory operates and what products it can create. From the industrial internet of things (IIoT), to 3D printing, to robotics, to the rising use of industrial lasers, integrating new technologies into a factory makes manufacturing more autonomous, cheaper and more efficient.

IIoT is seen as a game changer for the modern factory. Connected factories are capable of monitoring and controlling virtually anything in the manufacturing process, and can be managed either from the factory floor or remotely. Connectivity accelerates automation and also enables manufacturing to take advantage of cognitive analysis, machine learning and big data, providing insight into the efficient manufacturing for various devices and optimization of equipment maintenance and use. The overall result is effective factory management that both increases quality assurance and mitigates costs. By 2020, according to market research firm Gartner, IoT tech will be included in 95 percent of all electronics for new product designs, including the use of IoT in the industrial space to build these devices.

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