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[公告] 得獎的雷射管  2010-10-10

Epilog Awarded Patent for Waveguide™ Laser Tubes
Patented technology key to obtaining high quality engraving and cutting results

Golden, Colo. – (Aug. 30, 2010)
Epilog is excited to announce we\'ve been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,570,683 for our Waveguide™ laser tubes, which have been implemented into the Zing Starter Series and Legend Elite Series of CO2 laser systems.

\"The laser tube is the heart and soul of your laser system,\" said Mike Dean, director of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. \"Our Waveguide technology allows for higher CO2 gas pressure, optimized plasma generation, faster switching rates and a smaller bore, which provides our users with the highest quality engraving and cutting results available.\"

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Laser tube design can produce drastic differences in the way a laser cuts and engraves. Issues such as oval-shaped beams, inconsistent power stability and slow switching rates all contribute to degradation in the quality of the laser beam, and therefore, in the quality of the engraving and cutting results; however, Epilog\'s Waveguide technology produces such high beam quality that users are able to achieve amazingly precise cuts and the most intricate and ornate engravings.

\"We\'re exceptionally proud of our Waveguide technology,\" Dean said. \"Not only does it provide Epilog users with the best possible results, but incorporating our own laser tubes has been paramount in fueling our growth as a leader in the laser engraving industry.\"

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